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Traffic Light and Night

At Chinchor Electric, we serve many of the areas in and around Orange City, Florida. We provide electrical contracting for commercial and industrial customers, including new construction, retrofits, maintenance, and service. We do it all, from small service calls to heavy industrial installations, as well as the installation and maintenance of traffic signals and sign structures. We have both Master Electrician and Journeymen Electricians on our team, as well as level 1, 2, and 3 Traffic Signal Technicians to better serve you.

Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS)

Chinchor Electric, Inc. has been active in the area of communication & integration control infrastructure since the company was incorporated in 1991. The original focus of this type of work was in the theme park industry from 1991 to 1999. Within this time frame, we installed, tested, and integrated multiple theme park rides at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.   


This skillset led us into the Water & Wastewater Industry, which further enhanced our abilities with PLC integration, Power & Control Distribution Design, I/O logic, turnkey fiber optic, digital & analog installation and integration, for complete plant operations.


With a desire to expand the Company’s services within the industry, Chinchor Electric, Inc. expanded its operations into Roadway infrastructure in 2003.  The company earned Traffic Signal, Lighting, & Electrical prequalification’s with the FDOT during that year and has retained that status to present.


Since 2018, Chinchor Electric, Inc. has taken its vast knowledge of ride integration, PLC logic, and Signalized infrastructure, and moved into another phase of the transportation industry, Intelligent Transportation Systems. This allows us the ability to provide and install innovative services and equipment related to different modes of transport and traffic management. Once these systems are installed the user can be more efficient with travel time, fuel economy, parking lot availability, and soon autonomous vehicles. Chinchor Electric, Inc. works hard to keep people safe and moving efficiently.

Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants

Our Electrical Division specializes in pump stations, generators, water and wastewater facilities, and streetscapes. We can assist you with component repair, replacement, and programming, which includes Motor Control Centers and Variable Speed Drivers.

Traffic Signals

Our traffic signal management has vast experience in the construction and service of highway lighting and traffic signals. Using specialized aerial equipment, we can handle your needs up to a height of 71 feet. This has earned us the privilege of working with so many municipalities and other government agencies.

Drill Shaft Bases 

Drill shaft bases anchor the large poles used for traffic signals, highway lighting, and signage. We specialize in the design, construction, and repair of drill shaft bases, and can drill 40 feet deep and 7 feet in diameter. Our highly-trained traffic signal management team is experienced and dedicated to the superior construction and maintenance of highway lighting and traffic signals.


1460 South Leavitt Avenue
Orange City, FL 32763

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